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AromoxTherapy™ is a device that produces 99% pure oxygen generated from a gentle chemical reaction inside the AromoxTherapy chamber. The oxygen is used as a delivery mechanism for essential oils and other natural compounds. Our proprietary, environmentally friendly formula produces a predictable, repeatable and consistent flow of oxygen. Our devices allow for the delivery of essential oils through a head-set positioned under the nose or spray applicator for the skin, hair or scalp.

Our Story
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Our System - Easy to Use and Setup

Light-weight, portable, and silent. AromoxTherapy™ easy to use and setup. There are no batteries, electronics, required maintenance and there are only a few moving parts. Our infusions are non-toxic and while there are important guidelines to follow, they're not complicated. If you can make a cup of coffee, you can setup an AromoxTherapy™ system. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running for you or one of your clients.


Our Challenge

Currently, essential oils and natural compounds are all being used within the medical, wellness, non-traditional medical, hotel, spa, beauty, anti-aging and cosmetic arenas to address various conditions with varying degrees of success. Effectiveness of current delivery systems is compromised due to the lack of predicatability, targeting and concentrated nature of the therapy.


Our Solution

The AromoxTherapy™ gas generation system uses proprietary technology adapted from the medical industry. It is a way of effectively delivering essential oils and natural compounds utilizing 99% pure oxygen as a delivery mechanism.

Our research has found that the predictable and repeatable properties of our system provide consistent results. More importantly, AromoxTherapy™ facilitates a standardized protocol for the delivery of a variety of therapies which is absent in traditional delivery modalities.

for total wellness...
AromoxTherapy™ MBS - Mind, Body & Soul
Our Mind, Body and Soul are at the center of wellness. That's why we created AromoxTherapy™ MBS. The system provides a unique and proprietary way to combine aromatic essential oils during the formation of 99% pure oxygen. Our basic system provides twenty minutes of luxurious, 99% aromatic oxygen for direct inhalation for a truly blissful personal sensory experience.
AromoxTherapy™ HHS - Healthy Hair & Scalp
Having Healthy Hair and Scalp can give you the confidence to tackle life challenges either at home or in the board room. The same system of combining essential oil aromatics during the formation of 99% pure oxygen is bolstered by an applicator to directly infuse a fine mist of treatment solutions to the scalp and hair. Look and feel your best.
AromoxTherapy™ RSC - Rejuvenating Skin Care
Treat yourself to a Rejuvenating Skin Care treatment. When used alone or within a skin care protocol AromoxTherapy™ RSC will make you look and feel fantastic. The skin repair and refreshing feel of oxygen on your tender skin brings instant relief. Fill the applicator cup with your favorite serum and spray a fine mist anywhere it might be needed.

Use AromoxTherapy™ Anywhere


Use AromoxTherapy™ first thing in the morning, before or after exercising, or right before bed for a great night's sleep.


Coming to a Wellness Spa near you. A great way to relax by adding AromoxTherapy™ to your next massage, facial or other treatment.


With our personal sensory experience you can use AromoxTherapy™ at work without invading the aromatic space of your coworkers.


Imagine sitting outside enjoying the full effect of your chosen essential oil with the energizing and focusing effects of 99% pure oxygen. 

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leadership & innovation
Dan Normand


President and CEO

Dan has been in the medical device industry for more than 30 years. Trained as a respiratory care practitioner, he quickly migrated to industry. There's virtually no area of the health-care space in which Dan has not been involved.

Sourcing his knowledge and relationships within a global setting, Dan is able to craft the future of the flexible wellness system and its greater applications to benefit all. Over the course of his career with product launch experience in the medical arena, Dan embraces his innovation in a pragmatic manner.

Dan's various positions in senior management has provided a vital sense of leadership in this growing organization. His vast experience in business, management, and the sciences has allowed Aromox to innovate and grow.

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Chief Operating Officer

Mike is an engineer whose ‘artisan-patented inventions’ have established his reputation in the global healthcare industry. His patented medical casting system enjoys astounding success in saving lower limb extremities. There is an invaluable impact of saving limbs and regenerating quality of life for those under the care of medical experts for serious diabetic conditions and orthopedic specialty concerns.

As COO, Mike utilizes his expertise in engineering and manufacturing. With a proven track record in specialty medical sales, marketing and product branding, he has cultivated and trained a highly motivated, clinically orientated sales team focused on securing market share.

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Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Bergquist takes his medical expertise to new heights with the integration of alternative medicine and wellness within yoga. His expansive work in emergency, intensive care extending to high level management of acute wound care medicine, spans more than 30 years.

As a certified yoga therapist and instructor, his medical practice is integrated with alternative holistic and wellness disciplines that reflect his commitment to his Hippocratic oath. The commitment to this oath with an expansive mind, successfully integrates eastern and western traditional medicine.

Dr. Bergquist is leading the medical team to conduct the case studies for business travelers, professional pilots, professional athletes, sleep disruption disorders and compassionate care for those undergoing advanced testing in cancer specialty hospitals and working with the overall tram to extend more compassion to maintaining brain health, studying dementia, Alzheimer’s and how oxygen alone helps, then cross comparative analysis of integration of essential oils.

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Certified Aromatherapist

Trained in Biology at the Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh achievement in M.A.T in Science, Tricia has participated in scientific research at University of Pittsburgh, the Gladstone Institute and Genteelness.

She is a published author in scientific journals and other popular publications and magazines. Tricia identified the holistic and medicinal aromatherapy wellness modalities and excels as a Certified Aromatherapist, while also completing advanced training in holistic and aromatic medicine.

Tricia has a private aromatherapy practice and shares with Aromox, her mission to share the life enhancing benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils for health, maladies, and overall wellness.

Early on, Tricia cracked the glass ceiling within her work in Biology and Education while maintaining her true full-time position as a dedicated mother.

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Certified Aromatherapist

Sharon is a certified aromatherapist who completed an intensive course of study with Andrea Butje and Cindy Black at Aromahead Institute . Aromahead is internationally recognized and approved by the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) and the NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy). Courses of study included chemistry, anatomy and physiology, as well as case studies.

Her passion for Aromatherapy goes beyond the compounds. She is adamant about positively influencing the quality of the lives she touches Sharon currently is the sole owner of Rock Rose Apothecary in Murrieta, CA .

for sustainability...


The wellness revolution brings an oxygen delivery device that interfaces with technology for a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Advanced AromoxTherapy™ System partners extremely well with today’s advanced nano technologies. Investigators are currently looking into using AromoxTherapy™ to deliver unique compounds to relieve some of our most common health problems. We think our Advanced AromoxTherapy™ System shows extreme promise in this cutting edge technology and for maintaining wellness for millions of people world-wide.

Like to learn more? Contact us now to prequalify for information about AromoxTherapy™. We'll send you our latest material and a free information kit about how we can move forward to discuss our line of products.

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